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Comparison of efficacy of electrocautery vs. cryotherapy in the treatment viral warts

Comparison of efficacy of electrocautery vs. cryotherapy in the treatment viral warts


  • Ahsan Anwar DHQ teaching Hospital Sahiwal
  • Zahid Rafiq
  • Sana us Salam



Cryotherapy, Electrocautery, Viral warts


Background: Warts are common cutaneous viral infections due to human papilloma virus (HPV) mostly affecting school age children and adults.1 Various therapeutic modalities are available including topical, physical, and systemic therapies. Physical therapies are considered to be effective in the management of viral warts. This study aims to compare the efficacy of electrocautery with cryotherapy in the treatment of viral warts.
Patients and methods: This randomized trial was conducted in Dermatology Department of GHAQ / DHQ Teaching Hospital/SLMC, Sahiwal from October 2020 to March 2021.A total of 50 patients with clinical diagnosis of warts either sex with age ranging from 5-60 years were enrolled in the study and were divided into two equal groups. Patients excluded were those with evidence of any superadded infection and number of warts >6, having documented hypersensitivity to lignocaine or taking any treatment for warts in last month. After obtaining an informed written consent group A was treated with electrocautery and group B with liquid nitrogen cryotherapy. The patients were treated until the complete clearance of warts or maximum of eight sessions on weekly basis. Demographic and clinical data as efficacy (cleared if not palpable or visible to naked eye) was recorded on predesigned proforma and was analyzed by using chi-square test through SPSS version 25. 
Results: Out of total 50 patients, there were 27 (54%) male and 23 (46%) female patients, with an overall male to female ratio was 1:0.7. Most commonly observed clinical type of wart were plantar warts in 28 (56%) followed by palmar in 6 (12%). Electrocautery was found to be effective therapy in treatment of wart as indicated by complete clearance noticed in 19 (76%) patients as compared to cryotherapy in 11 (44%) participants.
Conclusion: Electrocautery is more effective as compared to cryotherapy in the treatment of warts especially plantar and deep-seated. However, promising effects of cryotherapy is seen in common and multiple warts as compared to electrocautery.

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